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Each pipe will be set at a perfect fifth to the next pipe and all tuned to A at 432Hz. These tuned pipes (tubular bells) are perfect for helping in combat stress and the health issues associated with them. The healing sounds are particularly harmonious and relaxing. They are available for sale with or without a stand.

You can buy with a stand or without a stand if you wish to make your own stand for them. The tuned pipes  will be posted direct to you from the manufacturer and delivery costs are included in the price. Please note that our supplier is in India and there may be a customs charge which you would need to pay. This does not affect customers in USA. These pipes are now being hand made to order so there is a delay in sending out currently estimated at two weeks but may be less.


Chinese Medicine is based on the relationship between 5 elements – accordingly there are 5 sounds / tones – one for each element.  This is covered in Chapter 65 of the Huang Di Nei JIng Ling Shu – one of the classic books of Chinese Medicine.

Fabian Maman took this as the starting point in his research, and developed a system using the 7 notes in the perfect fifth sequence that we have used for our healing tuned pipes: F2, C3, G3, D4, A4, E5 and B5.

When we talk about balancing the chakras, or balancing anything else, we need to be mindful of the state of energy.  If something is out of balance there is either too much  i.e. excess energy, or too little i.e. deficient energy.  This is a foundational principle of Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture. The notes we have used for the healing tuned pipes are very harmonizing for the physical nervous system – both central and peripheral, including the autonomic and enteric systems, as well as the more subtle energy systems, such as meridians and chakras, which western science has found difficult to accept because subtle energy is difficult to measure using currently available technology.

In contrast, using the Ionian mode / diatonic scale of C, D, E, F, G, A, B  is good for energizing the nervous system and chakras, but not so good for harmonising them.

The use of these notes in Chinese Medicine is referred to by Fabian Maman in his book “The Tao of Sound”.

The use of these notes is also referred to by Suren Shrestha in his book “How to Heal with Singing Bowls – Traditional Tibetan Healing Methods”.

To see a video of these pipes being played and learn more click here




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