Perfect fifth tuning forks tuned to 432Hz – unweighted

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These tuning forks are custom made for the Sound Healing Academy. Set of 7 tuning forks. Each tuner will be set at a perfect fifth to the next one and all tuned to A at 432Hz.  With this set you can make 6 perfect fifth combinations  and the set is created over 4 octaves.

These are perfect for helping to combat stress and the health issues associated with them. The healing sounds are particularly harmonious and relaxing and can be used with clients – simply hold each pair by ears – one either side and then swop sides. Ideally repeat the tap and listen routine at least 3 times and hold tuning forks until sound fades. This set can also be used for self care by tapping a pair of tuning forks and holding them by your ears and allowing yourself time just to focus on the sound.

Notes are F2, C3, G3, D4, A4, E5 and B5

Perfect fifth pairings are:-

F2 & C3

C3 & G3

G3 & D4

D4 & A4

A4 & E5

E5 & B5

Each tuning fork will be engraved with the note and a velveteen pouch will be provided plus a rubber ball activator.

Delivery costs

UK £4.60

EU £12.00

USA/Canada £15

Australia £16.50

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