Tibetan Bowls – set of 3


Tibetan Bowls – set of 3

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Please note this kit is subject to the availability of a suitable trio of Tibetan bowls.

Tibetan Bowls – set of 3 medium sized third octave bowls. Bowls will be selected to enable two bowls to  be tapped to make an interval that is  harmonious and another bowl will be selected to create dissonance.

If you already have one medium sized bowl and wish to purchase two others to create harmony and dissonance for sound healing please email me and let me know what you already have and I can see what would I have available to make up the set of 3. It is is possible to do this with medium sized bowls or smaller bowls.

Interested in learning more about Tibetan Singing Bowls? You can see our online courses here, or our workshop courses here.



If you wish to choose specific notes this offer is not for you! Often I get asked for notes that are too large to be part of this offer – such as C or D. So, if you wish to choose 3 specific bowls of any size please let me know what you would like and I can let you know if they are available and what the cost would be and I will send the appropriate invoice for this.


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