Welcome to the Sound Therapy Shop!



My name is Jane Satchwell and I am the Assistant Principal of the Sound Healing Academy.

I have been a Complimentary Therapist for about 30 years, and I’m delighted now to be running the Sound Therapy Shop.

The shop was initially set up for students of the Sound Healing Academy but is open to anyone interested in sound healing.

My aim is to help get you going with Sound Healing with good quality instruments at affordable prices. I ship Worldwide but not India (delivery issues). If you are in Malaysia I will ship there but need to use a courier so please email me I can let you know the cost.

I specialise in Tuning Forks for healing and Tibetan singing bowls but also stock a few other items.

I no longer sell larger items such as Crystal singing bowls, drum and gongs as they are tricky to pack and post out but I am happy to advise SHA students on what would be suitable for the course they are on.

This site will calculate delivery charge according to country on individual items. If you are purchasing multiple items please email me as I can combine shipping costs.

If you do buy a lot of items and the shipping cost turns out to be a lot less than than the amount you actually paid then I reimburse the difference.

The shopping cart on this site uses Paypal. If you want an alternative payment method I accept bank transfers.  I also accept cheques from UK banks.

Alternatively I can send an invoice that is not Paypal or take card payments over the phone.

Any questions please email:


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